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Piracy dominates Western Civilization

Western CivilizationEdit

The part of Cvora where piracy and crime dominantly takes place. The west consists of 5 nations living independently among each other. In the west, everyone is an enemy to each other. None of the nations consider themselves allies among themselves. Reffered to as the Western Realms by the east , the west have thrived greatly under piracy . However their piracy interferes with eastern trade and the east don't like it.

Role of the Western RealmsEdit

Even as the Western Realms don't consider themselves allies, they respect each others schemes in piracy. The Pirate Network is a joint organization that occurs between all of the Western Realms. The Realm of Zaria is considered the capital of western piracy. For many years the east have tried to reduce Zaria's power in piracy by trying to stop its pirate network, but somehow the east always fails. Zaria is home to Cvora's worst crime-lords and pirate organizations. And it is with this that the west continues to thrive. The other Realms are responsible for the security of the Pirate Network. Each possess a strong army capable of guarding their piracy netwroks.