The Independent ColoniesEdit

The Independent Colonies are supporters of either western piracy or eastern trade. Colonies produce resources that nations can purchase to supply their nations. The Colonies are not allowed to trade or commit piracy among each other. Colonies are only able to partner with a nation and support 


The Colony of Katan harnessing resources.


Role in PiracyEdit

If a Colony has chosen to support a western nation in piracy, they supply the nation with resources free of charge. That nation commits an act of piracy against another nation or colony and repays the colony where they recieved free resources. In piracy, the payment is a larger sum to a Colony but it isn't a consist amount. If a colony becomes a pirate colony, they lose respect and loyalty from eastern nations . Making it much harder to return to trade.

Role in TradeEdit

If a Colony has chosen to support an eastern nation in trade, they will only supply that nation with resources only if they recieve their pay first. The amount recieved is a fixed amount of notes , however it is a small sum. Piracy pays 5x's more in half the time, but trade will always be the safest way to consistently recieve notes.