Eastern CivilizationEdit


Cvorian coins being shipped as a result of trade.

The part of Cvora where trade mostly takes place. The east consists of 4 majors nations that are the main components of eastern trade and dozens of colonies that produce the resouces.

Roles of Eastern NationsEdit

The United Republic, considered the capital of eastern trade, dominates the east with its huge population. The Republic controls the enormous amount of trade that comes through the east. The Parthian Empire, also a nation of the east, protects all shipments with its navy. They also yield a blockade of warships that guard the entrance to the east at the Great Divide. The Moravian Kingdom is the financial support of the east. They are the wealthiest of all the nations on Cvora. They control the price of trade, which in turn controls the supply and demand. The United Federation are responsible for keeping the Independent Colonies involved in eastern trade. Without the colonies, trade would fail and the east will fall.