One of the first World Meeting between Cvorian Natins.

Cvorians are the beings that inhabit the planet of Cvora. They resemble in every way a human being, except in size. 


It is rumored that the creation of the Cvorian people wasn't by the hand of the Lord of Cvora, but by an alien civilization. The Cvorians were created in their image along with the Lord of Cvora.

For many years, the people have been awaiting the return of their creators and have even prayed to their Lord to seek them out.

The Typical Life of a CvorianEdit

Cvorians are the dominant organism on the planet of Cvora. They live among each other in one of three ways that specify where they live. If a Cvorian is a citizen of a pirate civilization , they are often smugglers or thiefs of resources. If a Cvorian is a citizen of a trade civilization , they are often business men or hardworkers of capitalism.

Usually, the general population of a civilization lives freely among themselves. They have a job, marry, and have offspring.